Automatic Carton Palletiser
The VT Series Automatic Palletiser is capable of stacking sealed cartons to all of the Australian Pallet Patterns to a height of 1600mm at a nominal speed of 8 CPM. Pallet entry and exit are by self- locking safety doors at the end of the robust stainless steel frame.

The machine includes pallet placement guides to suit Australian standard pallets, an infeed conveyor, a three axis servo driven pick & place mechanism fitted with a rotatable vacuum head capable of a 20 kg. lift, and a full safety guarded frame fitted with see through safety doors.
Carton Dimensions:
Length: 200 to 600mm Width: 140 to 400mm Height: 110 to 400mm
Machine Dimensions:
Length: 2210mm Width: 1630mm Height: 2245mm