Semi-automated PacStation

A semi-automated PacStation will make the perfect addition to business operations currently hand erecting cartons.

The machine itself takes up around 6 metres of floor space and has been designed on castors, meaning it can be conveniently moved between multiple packing lines, or pushed against a wall or into a storage cupboard when not in use.

Only one operator is required to work the machine, making it ideal for small businesses with a limited number of employees.

Upgrade your business with an instant tax write-off

Assets purchased for less than $30,000 can be claimed as an instant tax write off.
Our entry level PacStation fits into this price range.

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Semi-Automatic PacStation

The Series PS PacStation is an example of low cost automation for producers making the first step into packaging automation. It is a compact, easy to use, single operator machine based on an automatic top & bottom tape sealer as standard, fitted with a no moving parts manual carton erecting station and a carton blank rack, a conveniently placed product infeed conveyor in front of the operator allowing easy hand loading of the carton, and a roller outfeed conveyor. Hot melt glue sealing is available as shown in the video, which also shows alternate loading from a trolley allowing the equipment to service more than one line.

Carton squareness is assured by the use of lug mounted timing belts to transport the carton through the sealer. Ease of operation and operator safety are foremost and the equipment complies with all Australian safety standards.


Carton Dimensions

Length: 200mm to 500mm
Width: 140mm to 330mm
Height: 140mm to 300mm
Machine Dimensions

Length: 3020mm
Width: 1290mm
Height: 1850mm
Larger & smaller carton versions, available on request.

Additional Features

Stainless Steel Construction
Easy Size Change with Handwheels and Counters.
Custom sizing available to suit smaller or larger carton ranges.
  • Single Operator
  • Labour Saving
  • Simple Carton Opening
  • Manual Operation
  • Easy Product Loading
  • Reduced Operator Fatigue
  • Single or Multi Layer Loading
  • Versatile Product Handling
  • Wide Size Range Multiple Products
  • Fast Change
  • Minimal Product Change Time
  • Ease of Use
  • Low Training Time
  • Full Safety Guarding
  • Meets Australian Standards
  • Australian Design Local Support