The Benefits of a Carton Taping Machine

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

PacPro PacStation2

Could you use some help with carton packaging of your product for market?  If you currently hand pack your entire product, or have some production lines without automation you may be interested in the PacPro PacStation2.  

Efficient Carton Taping Machine

Since its introduction a year ago as part of a larger line with glue sealing, the PacStation has recently undergone further development to increase its versatility and reduce its manufacturing cost. The PacStation2 is a simple, single operator carton taping machine which allows the operator to semi-automatically erect a standard top loading RSC (Regular Slotted Carton), hand load the product and then slide the loaded carton towards the fully automatic top and bottom closing carton tape sealer, which it feeds through to the outfeed accumulating section, with the end result being an economical uniform high quality package, and rapid Return On Investment. 

Low Floor Space

This simple, versatile machine which takes up less than 6 square metres of valuable floorspace is mounted on castors, to allow it to be moved between production lines or into storage.

User-Friendly Design

The machine is fitted with an infeed conveyor to feed product from the production line to the pickup area in front of the operator, or alternatively, different products can be wheeled to the machine from different production or storage areas on trolleys to a position beside the operator. Adjusting screws fitted with handwheels and digital counters ensure the machine’s fast and accurate size change. It is fitted with full safety guarding in accordance with Australian Standards.

And Finally

As a further incentive, the PacStation2 now meets the threshold for the Federal Government’s Instant Asset Write-off, which has been extended to June 2020, meaning assets that are purchased for less than $30,000 can be claimed as an instant tax write off. 

Carton Taping Machine

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