Automatic Carton Erector

Automatic Carton Erector
The Series AEV Case Erector is a compact, versatile and cost efficient fully automatic RSC/HSC style erector and bottom Hot Melt Glue Sealer, operating in the speed range to fifteen cases per minute. 

The machine includes a carton blank magazine, motor driven swing arm erector, bottom flap closers, glue applicator, lugged side belt drives and outfeed.

Carton Dimensions:
Length: 200 to 500mm 
Width: 135 to 350mm 
Height: 110 to 350mm
Machine Dimensions:
Length: 2490mm 
Width: 1500mm 
Height: 2000mm
The Series AEV Case Erector is a compact and cost effective fully automatic RSC/HSC Erector & Bottom Hot Melt Glue Sealer. The current version has been updated to include positive carton opening to overcome problems with carton opening caused by excess glueing of the manufacturers’ joint which will cause minor & major panels to be glued together. It will also open damaged and out of square carton blanks. Overall squareness of the finished product is assured by the use of side drive belts which are fitted with accurately positioned metal lugs. Accuracy of glue bead positioning and length is assured by is assured by the use of a digital encoder